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Choose your type of Sunroom
STEP 1 - Chose your sunroom. Select the style, select the size. Remember some main points for your design - the style should be in keeping with your property, if space is an issue square styles offer more floor area, full height glass is ideal for warm sunny days, south and west-facing rooms will get VERY hot so you'll need a plan to cool them down

Use our Online Price Calculator
STEP 2 - Calculate the cost - use the calculator to get a general idea of what you should expect to pay - check the price difference between styles and sizes. Look at the savings you could make if you do some of the work yourself or even by going down the full -DIY route as opposed to a full-installed sunroom - don't forget though, you need to account for your time and your skills as well.

Get the Best Quote from suppliers
STEP 3 - Use the BestQuote service to find suppliers who can give you the best quote for your sunroom. Our network will match your design requirements to the best supplier for you.

“Your company certainly got me started as I was so baffled by the adverts that I didn't know where to start.” - Anne Henderson Enquiry Ref 787553
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Tip - While you are trying to find sale of sunrooms in and around uk it might be worth considering how much accommodation you need and whether a sunroom is the right type of building. Its glassy characteristics may be at odds with the uses you want to put it to.

Tip - When you are trying to find sale of sunrooms it might be worth considering that for the vast majority of Sales Reps in and around uk the bulk of their income comes from you placing an order. Their commission will usually be around 5-10% of your order value and they will often be able to double that if you take out and stick with their finance plan. So you are likely to be faced with a host of sales techniques offers and promotions all designed to get your signature on the order form

Tip – if you are looking for sale of sunrooms in and around uk Victorian sunrooms are popular because of their pretty shape and ornate top but the rounded end effect wastes floor space. Look instead to the stylish Edwardian or Georgian shapes.

Tip - When you are searching for sale of sunrooms bear in mind that good suppliers in and around uk will give you good honest unbiased advice that will help you make sure that you make the right purchase when buying a sunroom. Listen to the advice given by several suppliers and use the information to make informed decisions.

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